Monegasque Nationality Law Reform expected by June 2021 (acquisition by marriage)

In May 2020, the Government announced its intention to transform the draft law No. 244 relating to the acquisition of nationality by marriage (parliamentary initiative), tabled on 17 October 2019 and adopted on 2 December 2019, into a bill.

Draft Law No. 244 increases to 20 years the length of marriage necessary to obtain Monegasque nationality (currently 10 years), which would only apply to marriages after the entry into force of the law (non-retroactive).

At the same time, the rights of spouses of Monegasque persons and parents of children of Monegasque nationality would be strengthened, in terms of priority in employment and order of dismissals, priority  in public service, and priority in housing.

This reform is motivated by the fact that “the number of Monegasques has increased by more than 60% in almost 50 years, in a territory where everyone is aware of the constraints and where the technical possibilities for extension are reduced” and the objective “to ensure the lasting preservation of the Monegasque social model” (Report on the draft law No. 244, 25 November 2019, pp. 2-3).

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